Lifecycle: experimental


enchantR is part of the Immcantation analysis framework for Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire sequencing (AIRR-seq). Immcantation provides a set of tools to investigate lymphocyte receptor clonal lineages, diversity, gene usage, and other repertoire level properties, with a focus on high-throughput immunoglobulin (Ig) sequencing.


  1. Provides additional quality control and reporting functions for other R packages in the Immcantation framework.
  2. Provides parametrized .Rmd reports for standard analysis.
  3. Is part of the magic behind, a start-to-finish Nextflow pipeline to analyze AIRR-seq data.


For help and questions, please contact the Immcantation Group or use the issue tracker.


Depends: FALSE
Imports: airr, alakazam, bookdown, ComplexHeatmap, data.table, doParallel, dowser, dplyr, DT, foreach, ggraph, ggplot2, gridExtra, igraph, iterators, knitr, plotly, RColorBrewer, R.utils, reshape2, rlang, rmarkdown, scales, scoper, shazam, stringi, stringr, tidyr, xfun
Suggests: optparse, testthat


Susanna Marquez (aut, cre)
Edel Aron (aut)
Gisela Gabernet (aut)
Kenneth Hoehn (aut)
Cole Jensen (aut)
Edward Lee (aut)
Noah Yann Lee (aut)
Hailong Meng (aut)
Steven Kleinstein (aut, cph)